Indian Organic Spices Exporter

Sri Sathguru Sai Traders are proud organic exporters in India. We are the prime rice exporters in India and we make sure that the best organic food products are provided to our customers. We are able to provide the best turmeric supplements and organic turmeric powder because it is an organic Indian product.We are ideal in exporting red chili powder, turmeric spice and a variety of other spices as well. We take in to our customers responses and export organic food products of the best quality. We are at par in being turmeric powder exporters.

We are government certified exporters in India. We prioritize transportation of spices and other products because we want to be sure that the quality and the quantity is retained while exporting. We also make sure that legal, safe and hygienic food products are exported to our customers on time. We adhere to the delivery schedule and be certain that there is a timely delivery of products.Traders are ideal in communicating with the customer’s needs and we make sure that we improve and innovate by responding to our customers queries. If you want the best organic products, we are the right choice.


We export quality organic spices through sea freight and air freight to UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We make sure that the organic spices are transported to the customers on time. It is our utmost concern that the organic spices are retained intact and are safely exported through sea and air freight.


Why Choose Sri Sathguru Sai Traders ?

We offer most comprehensive services reliably at best price.

The prices are reasonable and we keep in mind our customer’s affordability while deciding the price. The products are brought directly and not through intermediaries.

We export products which are of high quality and meets customer’s needs and expectations. The products are rich and content in each and every manner.

We are prompt in making delivery on time due to our excellent logistic support because making delivery on time is our highest priority in gaining our customer’s trust.

We always take our customer’s feedback into account in making any changes and modifying ourselves to the customer’s comfort ability. We always keep our customer’s first while making any decision.

We make sure that we gain our customer’s trust. Being reliable to our customer’s is our most important priority.