Black Pepper

Black pepper is said to be a flowering vine and it is cultivated for its fruit. The fruit is dried and it is used as a spice and it is also used for seasoning. When the fruit is dried, it is known as peppercorn. The ground pepper is derived from peppercorns, which is simply known as pepper or black pepper.

Black pepper is said to be the native of south India and it is extensively cultivated over there and also in some tropical regions. Currently, Vietnam is said to be the world’s largest producer and also exporter of pepper.

It is said to be one of the most common spice to be added in cuisines around the world. The spiciness is added to the pepper because of the chemical called piperine. In the modern world it is used as a seasoning and it is often paired up with salt. Black pepper is produced from the pepper plant which is still-green and has unripe drupes. The drupes are cooked and then dried in the sun or machine. After getting dried, the spice is called black peppercorn. The pepper spirit and oil can be extracted from the dried peppercorns by crushing them. Pepper spirit is used in many beauty products and medicines. The oil is said to be used as Ayurvedic massage oil and is also used in herbal treatment. The spicy flavor in pepper is due to piperine. It should be stored in an air tight container in order to maintain the flavor and aroma.