Chili Powder

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Chili powder is popularly used in Indian, Chinese, Korean and Thai cuisine and is said to be the king of spices. D.C Pandry and William Gebhardt are generally credited for inventing it. It is used to add a spicy flavor which is pungent. It is the dried, pulverized fruit of chili pepper but chili pepper can be found only at certain times of the year. Almost every Indian dish or cuisine has chili powder in it. Chili powders scientific name is Capsicum annum. It is said to be enriched in natural aroma because it is fresh and pure. Chili powder is made out of chili peppers and is also blended with other spices like oregano, cumin, garlic powder and also sometimes salt.

Chilies were originally grown from 3500 BC and Mexicans used it to spice up their food. Later on, it was brought to the rest of the world by Christopher Columbus when he discovered America.

Dried red chilies are used for color and taste of various cuisines and dried red chilies are in high demand because of its purity, freshness and taste.

Indian red chili powder is also known as Lal Mirch powder and is said to be the most powerful hot spice which can easily affect the tongue, ears and stomach. It is very famously used in India to make pickles and a pinch of it can act as an appetizer because of the fact that it is extremely hot. It is also used as a garnish because we can control the amount to be used.


  1. Indian red chili powders need to be stored in an air tight container away from heat and light.
  2. If refrigerated, chili powder can last up to one year, if it is frozen, it can last up to two years.
  3. If a piece of asafetida is placed in the container of chili powder, it can last up to a longer duration.

Thus, red chili powder has a lot of benefits, adds spice and zest to the dishes and has medicinal uses.